we are detechtiva

A consulting and software development agency specializing in solving complex cases for ready-to-grow businesses.

Each case is a mystery we need to solve

We are a group of professionals with a unique set of skills driven by our curious nature. Using the best tools and our wits, we get to the bottom of things guaranteed.

We don’t settle for easy quick fixes

We dig deep and work hard with our clients to identify and define the real problem at hand. We analyze every aspect and consider all the variables so we can come up with effective solutions tailored to our clients’ needs.

Each of our members shares a unique set of skills that, when combined, we are able to solve even the most challenging cases.

Andrés Santibañez

General Director - Engineer

Daniela Ochoa

Project Manager - Engineer

“Before detechtiva, we were tracking sales with spreadsheets. It was slow, inefficient, and difficult to keep track of all the information. We were constantly losing leads and deals.

Now, we have streamlined our sales process and we are able to manage businesses more effectively.”

Angel Fuentes


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